Spark Programming


Computer skills & Programming Skills


Spyder, Rstudio

Course Duration

12 Hours

Spark Programming

₹ 15000 ₹12250

What Will I Learn?

  • Why Apache Spark
  • Importance of Spark
  • History
  • Spark Architecture
  • Comparison with Bigdata Hadoop framework
  • Spark Building Blocks
    • Spark Context
    • RDD
    • Operations – Transformations & Actions
  • Spark Core
    • Pyspark Library
    • Spark-Submit
  • Spark SQL
  • Spark Streaming
  • Spark MLlib
    • Introduction about ML
    • Predictive Analytics using Regression
    • Clustering
  • Installing Spark
    • Windows Installation
    • Linux Installation
    • Spark Integration with Python and R
    • Pyspark
    • sparklyr
What Will I Learn?

Why Take This Course?

Big Data world has many challenges, processing the huge complex business data is one of the foremost challenges. Apache Spark programming training is designed to expertise you in the area of working with the Big Data, especially in the field of Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, etc. Spark is a generic purpose programming and can be written in multiple languages, this flexibility of Spark makes it a popular choice among big data developers.
Spark attracts attention of many employers who are looking to hire resources for programmers. Having Spark programming as part of your CV will enhance the chance of entering into an exciting career


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