Python Programming





Course Duration

20 hours

Python Programming

₹ 9000 ₹7200

What Will I Learn?

  • Why python?
  • Importance of Python
  • Future aspects of Python
  • Downloading Python
  • Installing Python
  • Understanding the command window and script windows
  • Local Environment Setup
  • Getting Python
  • Installing Python
  • Python on Unix and Linux Installation
  • Python on Windows Installation
  • Setting up the PATH variable
  • Running Python
  • Interactive Interpreter
  • Script from the Command-line
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Interactive Mode Programming
  • Script Mode Programming
  • Reserved Words
  • Lines and Indentation
  • Multi-Line Statements
  • Comments in Python
  • Using Blank Lines
  • Waiting for the User
  • Multiple Statements on a Single Line
  • Multiple Statement Groups as Suites
  • Variable Types
  • Assigning Values to Variables
  • Multiple Assignment
  • Standard Data Types
  • Python Numbers
  • Python Strings
  • Python Lists
  • Python Tuples
  • Python Dictionary
  • Basic Operators
  • Types of Operator
  • Python Arithmetic Operators
  • Python Comparison Operators
  • Python Assignment Operators
  • Python Bitwise Operators
  • Python Logical Operators
  • Python Membership Operators
  • Python Identity Operators
  • Python Operators Precedence
  • Single Statement Suites Loops
  • Loop Control Statements
  • Iterator and Generator
  • Number Type Conversion

  • Mathematical Functions

  • Random Number Functions

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Mathematical Constants

  • Accessing Values in Strings

  • Updating Strings

  • Escape Characters

  • String Special Operators

  • String Formatting Operator

  • Unicode String
  • Built-in String Methods
  • Python Lists
  • Accessing Values in Lists
  • Updating Lists
  • Delete List Elements
  • Basic List Operations
  • Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes
  • Built-in List Functions & Methods
  • Accessing Values in Tuples
  • Updating Tuples
  • Delete Tuple Element
  • Basic Tuples Operations
  • No Enclosing Delimiters
  • Built-in Tuple Functions
  • Accessing Values in Dictionary
  • Updating Dictionary
  • Delete Dictionary Elements
  • What is Tick?
  • What is TimeTuple?
  • Getting current time
  • Getting formatted time
  • Getting a calendar for a month
  • The time Module
  • The calendar Module
  • Required arguments
  • Keyword arguments
  • Default arguments
  • Variable-length arguments
  • The import Statement
  • The from…import Statement
  • Executing modules as scripts
  • The globals() locals() Functions

  • The reload() Function

  • Packages in Python

  • Printing to the Screen
  • Reading Keyboard Input
  • The input Function
  • Opening and Closing Files
  • The open Function
  • The file Object Attributes
  • The close() Method
  • The write() Method
  • The read() Method
  • The mkdir() Method
  • The chdir() Method
  • The getcwd() Method
  • The rmdir() Method
  • Handling an exception
  • The except Clause with No Exceptions
  • The except Clause with Multiple Exceptions
  • The try-finally Clause
  • The Argument of an Exception
  • Raising an Exceptions
  • User-Defined Exceptions
What Will I Learn?

Why Take This Course?

Python Programming language is a general-purpose open source language. It is very Easy to learn and has an active support and anyone can learn and start working with this high-level programming language.
As the nature of Python language, it can be adopted by anyone from any domain and it has a large pool of third-party modules which enables Python to interact with other tools and languages. The world has seen a huge shift towards advanced tools and technologies which give businesses advantage by leveraging from Data. Most automation, data mining, Machine Learning, and Big Data platforms rely on Python. Smart Industries are adapting to smart technologies derived by Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) which heavily rely on a machine to machine interaction for achieving automation. To implement all these automations, python is preferred due to its flexibility and ease of programming.
In this Python programming module, you will learn about the various capabilities of python programming language. How fun and easy it is to code in Python when compared to all the programming languages you have known all these years and get motivated to build a career as a programmer


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