Machine Learning On Cloud




AWS, Python

Course Duration

20 hours

Machine Learning On Cloud

₹ 14900 ₹12000

What Will I Learn?

  • IAAS
  • PAAS
  • SAAS
  • Creation of S3 Bucket
  • Uploading objects to Bucket
  • Properties of Bucket
  • Creation of User, Roles, and Groups
  • To enable Machine Learning at all Skill Levels
  • Learn to Build, Train and Deploy Machine Learning Models at Scale
  • Predictive techniques on AWS
  • NLP and Text Mining on AWS
  • Sentiment Analysis

Why Take This Course?

Machine Learning on Cloud is becoming more popular as industry is demanding high usage of Machine Learning and AI applications. On Cloud, AI and Machine Learning services helps us with easy usage of large infrastructure and services at lower cost and with no upfront payment charges. You will learn about AWS cloud as well as Machine Learning as part of this program giving the best of both the worlds. ML models can be built on inhouse hardware, but while implementing complex models and scaling them on large data requires high speed infrastructure which are offered by Cloud platforms.


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