Digital Marketing


Computer skills


Computer skills & Knowledge of Social Media

Course Duration

75 Hours

Digital Marketing

₹ 24900 ₹22500

What Will I Learn?

  • Free hosting
  • Free domain
  • SEO
  • Keywords
  • Back links
  • SSL Certificate
  • Blog design
  • Free subscribers
  • Free hours
  • YouTube keywords
  • YouTube marketing
  • Facebook group benefits
  • Page benefits
  • Facebook marketing
  • Facebook free ads
  • Leads target
  • Automatic replay
  • Schedule posts
  • WhatsApp marketing
What Will I Learn?

Why Take This Course?

Where do you think businesses are looking for potential customers?
We are living in a digital era; and it is pretty common sense that, Businesses must leverage the digital and mobile channels to reach out for customers.
The challenge, however, is what strategy would anyone employ to successfully acquire customers from competitors. A business will be able to gain new customers and retain existing ones, only if it is able to understand how customers behave and understand them deeper.
Digital Marketing is not just about digital presence but also the techniques which help in create and share appropriate content to engage your customers in a short time span. Hence, Digital marketing professionals are seeing an increase in demand.
The Digital Marketing essentials course teaches you all the key digital marketing skills required. You will learn about Google Ads, social media marketing and SEO, Analytics, mobile marketing and much more.
If you are a no coder, you have no interest in programming or any technical studies, you are a fresher, etc., then Digital Marketing is the best bet to begin your career in this digital era.
Start your digital journey with us today.


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